Free Dialysis & Free Education.

"Our mission is to provide free health and free education services to all."


The idea of establishing a non-profitable charitable organization was conceived by Mr. Mustafa Noor, a retired banker who himself and his wife suffered from kidney failure and went through the process of dialysis and kidney transplant. He felt the pain and suffering of these patients and realized that the process of dialysis is very expensive and most of the people cannot afford the cost. Many resorts to unconventional treatment like eastern and homoeopathic medicines and become victim to the spiritual healers. Such patients gradually fade away. It was therefore decided to establish a free hemodialysis center specially to provide dialysis services to poor patients free of cost.

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Years of Experience

Members of Board of Trustees

Mr. Mustafa Noor

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Mr. Sultan Ahmed

Ex Managing Duirector, SINE International Pvt LTd.

Mr. Rizwan Abdul Qayyum

Manager BFL Group, Jabl e Ali Trade, Dubai, UAE

Mr. Arif Mustafa

Businessman from Abu Dhabi

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Ahmed

CEO, 2030Kitchen/Trustee

Dr Sana Ahmed

Dental Surgeon, Al-Noor Hospital

Mr. Muhammad Adeel Nazir

CEO, Animatic Solutions

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